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Ambient music for relaxation, meditation and therapy

Posted by gulan on February 11, 2008


 “Gulan composes hypnotic and emotive music that interacts with the listener’s spirit” – Terry Hawke. 
Music for relaxation, meditation, sleep and sound therapy!

Gulan devoted much time to practical experience of meditation as well as for creating the background music for those activities. Such music is also called ambient, relaxation, meditation and healing music, the task of which according to Gulan is to help to relax the mind and to plunge into the depths of consciousness. Gulan’s music help people to reach meditative condition and achieve complete relaxation – the ambient melodies help the mind and body to relax; simply – to be.


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Gulan – Spirit of the Sound. Meditation Relaxation music.

Posted by gulan on February 10, 2008

Gulan  “SPIRIT of the SOUND”

Ambient meditation relaxation healing background music. Album “spirit of the sound” with gulan’s combination of ambient, healing and meditative music is a journey to the depth of your consciousness.

First 4 songs of the album are referred to ambient and meditative music and especially suit those who do spiritual practice and meditation.

These 4 tracks are 4 stages of entering meditative state and staying in it:
1. concentration – track “Transcendentia”.
2. relaxation, immersion, dissolution in your inner space – “Spirit of the Sound”
3. purification, disengaging of your inner light, realization – “Awakening”
4. completion, coming out of meditation and keeping harmony – “Altai 2”

The music has no pointed peaks or overfalls, it is tranquil, monotonous and helps smooth and soft entering into deep layers of consciousness…It is recomended to listen to this music in a relaxed and passive condition – sitting or lying…

Next 2 bonus tracks “Cassiopeia 4” and “Cassiopeia 5” – space music… beautiful and rich sounds.



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