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Electronica, Film music, New Age, Instrumental & Melodious music

Posted by gulan on February 13, 2008



Gulan’s album named “Prologue” contains interesting creative ideas, beautiful and bright melodious combinations, which can arouse new and pleasing emotions.

“Gulan is an intriguing composer who creates a wide range of music styles. With either electronica music, melodious, instrumental, new age, ambient…, Gulan certainly captivates his listeners. His tracks are truly unique and beautiful, very rich and delightful, very enigmatic” – New Vibes Music Records.
In general, Gulan’s album could be regarded to almost all of the above-mentioned musical trends and it mostly fits film music genre…
Electronic and instrumental music lovers will like this album cause its songs have both action and softness, exaltation and calmness, romance and melody, perfect harmony of synthetic and acoustic sounds…and much more. You will find bright and strongly pronounced ideas in this release.This music will make interesting atmosphere and various range of moods and emotions…
 There are 11 songs, half of which are made in classic electronica style and the other half – instrumental and melodious music.
 Lately Gulans’s music has been airplayed by 400 radio stations all over the world and got a great number of good references.
Listen and enjoy!




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Gulan – Cassiopeia. Ambient & Space music

Posted by gulan on February 9, 2008



Gulan’s super-cool voyage through spatial and galactic soundscapes is quite extraordinary 
Beautiful spherical and cosmic sounds full of enigmatic music constructions give to a listener a chance to touch the mystery and infinity of the Universe. This album consists of songs both with dynamic sounding and with mellow ambient effects. These songs will send you to a distant and unforgettable space journey where you will relax, dissolve and sink into delight and pleasure…
But no worry – you will be surely back on Earth keeping warm memories and experience. Just put the music on, close your eyes… and happy journey!

“Cassiopeia” is an album filled with 71 minutes of very interesting electronic space music. It is nicely kicked-off by the title track, split in three parts. Some grand velvet textures merge with some twinkling sequencing while some light solo’s float on top. This rather active part is counter pointed by the free form soundscapes of the second part, which float on in gentle ways. Next comes the lofty excursions of two-fold “The Infinite” before we arrive at the excellent “Return Home”. This piece has a beautiful fairytale-kindred flavour with nice expanding textures. This highlight is followed by the same titled second chapter, another strong, drifting piece featuring melancholic undercurrents, entering heavenly spheres. “Delerium” is again a sequenced, more active track, after which the cd ends with a remix-version of the title-track.

“Cassiopeia” is rather stunning release, so ambient/space fans out there: make sure you don’t miss this one!

© Bert Strolenberg



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